The crucial art of impactful storytelling comes from layers of rich experience, humble learning and
appreciation for what you are witnessing.

Storytelling is a craft I am committed to be it as a producer, cinematographer,
or editor for television, online or social media.

I am a storyteller and more.

Now, let’s tell your story.

Reporting, Journal Entries & Editorials

Published works of writing.

  • “He was fun to work with and was always willing to give career advice and insight into the TV journalism world. He also showed me the importance of online video and how to use a camera properly. With his guidance, I now feel more well-rounded as a reporter and more confident behind the camera.”

    – Samantha Lui, Journalist
  • “Silvio is an outstanding journalist with a tireless work ethic. There is a lot of bragging rights that can be claimed wherever he has been assigned, but simply put, Carrillo gets it done.  This guy is extremely reliable and understated.”

    – Alfredo Lara, Photojournalist