About me

Silvio Carrillo CV/Resume (printer-friendlly format)


Oakland, California

(m) 415.244.8281     (e) Silvio.Carrillo@gmail.com     (w) SilvioCarrillo.com


I am a storyteller with 20+ years of television news and online video production and management experience, currently involved in human rights and social justice advocacy. My background provides me with an extensive understanding of the challenges and trends in the evolving digital media industry yet preserve the crucial art of impactful storytelling. At the core of my work is encouraging creativity and collaboration among my peers and those I manage resulting in highly successful communication projects and relationships across all levels.

Areas of Expertise

  • Intuitive understanding of video production and op-ed writing opportunities and challenges
  • Development of comprehensive production strategy for breaking news and/or feature productions, and advocacy campaigns
  • Curating impactful social media opportunities and communication strategies
  • Operational leadership, positive communication skills and constructive team building
  • Reflective post-mortem examination and analysis of completed projects and actions

Professional Experience

Jetty Media/Al Jazeera, San Francisco, California       October 2017 – December 2017                                   Producer

  • Researching and pitching social media videos
  • Producing and writing scripts for social media
  • Conducting interviews and gathering elements for production
  • Hiring and coordinating shoots with videographers
  • Archiving and organizing production elements

BertaCáceres.org, Oakland, California                                             March 2016 – Present                                     Producer

  • Writing opinions and editorial articles advocating for improving human rights and justice in Honduras and Latin America
  • Lobbying and public speaking on behalf of Berta Cáceres.org, human rights and social justice issues
  • Coordinating, producing and curating Justice for Berta social media presence
  • Collaborating with NGOs and individuals to produce effective and strategic social justice communications campaigns

Fusion.net Oakland, California                                                             May 2016 – October 2016                                    Senior Producer

  • Produce 2-4 stories a week and coordinate feature and news video coverage
  • Manage up to 15 videographers and producers externally and internally
  • Develop comprehensive pitches and stories for production
  • Breaking news and long-term production planning and coordinating logistics

South China Morning Post Hong Kong, S.A.R. China                 March 2013 – November 2015                           Senior Multimedia Editor

  • Created and manage tv, the South China Morning Posts’s multimedia channel
  • Coordinate, manage team of multimedia producers on production projects
  • Produce, film and edit multimedia projects locally and abroad in Asia/China
  • Produce and execute content and social media strategy for SCMP.tv multimedia channel

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong                                    January 2015 – May 2015                                 Adjunct Lecturer, Multimedia Journalism

  • Instructing and educating Master of Journalism students new media/storytelling techniques; Guiding student visual reporting projects from concept to completion
  • Coaching students on interview skills, basic camera technical skills, composition, character development, editing and manipulation of different kinds of media

Various Networks, U.S., Latin America & Asia                            February 2008 – March 2013                               Freelance Producer

  • Producer for CNN, Al Jazeera English, Reuters, Agence France Press, The Wall Street Journal
  • US election campaign trail coverage, pitch and produce national feature and political stories
  • Cultivate and communicate with local contacts for reporting and logistical information
  • Direct and coordinate camera crews and correspondents for live/tape events from locations across the U.S.
  • Conduct site surveys for live segments; direct, plan and coordinate coverage of major media events

Cable News Network (CNN), Washington, D.C                          November 1997 – January 2008                            Field Producer/Producer

  • Produced news stories from various locations across the U.S. and Baghdad bureau
  • Coordinated movements/logistics with assignment desk; directed and coordinated camera crews and correspondents for live and tape events or segments for breaking news or feature stories from studio and locations across the U.S.
  • Researched and pitched story ideas for shows; coordinated reports from White House and Capitol Hill
  • Conducted live segment site surveys and produced live segments; researched and conducted expert interviews
  • Researched, wrote, reported and field produced assigned news events of the day and feature stories ranging from domestic to international news

 Technical Skills:

  • Experience with and knowledge of numerous DSLR and camcorders
  • Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, Photoshop, iNews, MS Office


Education, Affiliations and Languages:

  • Master of Arts, Film & Media Arts, American University, Washington D.C.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Latin American History, University of Maryland at College Park
  • Board member, Witness for Peace
  • Bilingual Spanish/English speaker